Julia O'Donnell


Julia O’Donnell is commerce writer at Bustle. Before joining Bustle, Julia worked on SEO-optimization and other e-commerce work for various clients in the fashion and beauty industry. She also ran the social media accounts for several local restaurants and businesses. Julia has a bachelor’s degree from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at University of Wisconsin - Madison, as well as a certificate in Gender & Women’s Studies at the same university. In her spare time, you can find Julia shopping, cooking, or taking a wide variety of dubious online personality tests.

The 44 Best Cheap Home Products You Can Get On Amazon

By Julia O'Donnell
With all the gadgets and products available for your home or apartment, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Everyone wants an organized, efficient home that makes you feel relaxed and refreshed when you spend time there — but how do you find products on…