Josh Ward


Currently in Chicago, IL, Josh is a recent graduate from Arizona State University. He is an aspiring lifestyle and inspirational writer. He likes donuts and dreams in color. Follow his journey:

When You Treat Love Like A Game, You'll Be The One Who Ends Up Alone

By Josh Ward
I would believe most people have been in a situation pretty similar to this one: You meet someone who sweeps you off your feet with something beyond his or her looks. You'll spend what seems like hours talking about things you don't usually share so…

I'm A Man, And I Think Women Deserve A Monthly 'Period Day Off'

By Josh Ward
I'm telling this story for a friend because she asked to remain anonymous. But, as such, her story needs to be heard for those who may not have heard anything like it before: While arriving at my corporate office one morning, it seemed as if the…

3 Pieces Of Advice For Guys Who Always Get Burned In New Relationships

By Josh Ward
The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for. — Bob Marley I like to think about how right this quote is. Other times, I think about how wrong it is. I have learned that I tend to love too hard and…

3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Your SO Seems Out Of Reach

By Josh Ward
My friends and I have coined the saying “having all the feels” for when we feel like there is a tidal wave of emotion heading right toward our hearts. It sounds dramatic and weird, but we have this understanding that there are days we would like to…

5 Reasons To Give Your Fling The Chance To Develop Into A Real Thing

By Josh Ward
Everyone has, at some point, had a "fling" with someone, whether it was exclusive, a mutual-friend-turned-cuddle-buddy or someone you made out with when you had a bit too much to drink. We have all been there. But most of the time, one side feels…

Why You Might Have The Wrong Idea About The Religious Freedom Act

By Josh Ward
I want to make something clear from the beginning: Progress is, by definition, about moving forward. Discrimination isn't progress. It is being stuck in a frame of mind that hinders the very idea of progress. Indiana Governor Pence recently enacted…