John Farrell

Attended Plymouth State University, and majored in English. At Plymouth State University wrote for PSU's bi-weekly print newspaper, The Clock.

Generation-Y: Be Entitled So Long As You Can Back It Up

ByJohn Farrell
Many categorize Generation-Y to be entitled; the notion of deserving something based on who you are and not what you’ve done is like trying to trade gold for a bottle of water. While this is obvious, troubling and counterintuitive, for some people,…

'Do Anybody Make Real Sh*t Anymore?' Is Generation-Y To Blame For The Death Of Originality?

ByJohn Farrell
Some abstract ideas — like chivalry — are socially deceased. While chivalry’s death is a devastating blow for our generation, what’s keeping other abstract concepts around? Should we be worried about the well-being of originality, for example? The…

How Being Confused Allows You To Grow Mature Through Uncertainty

ByJohn Farrell
Confusion is an unavoidable aspect of all Millennials lives. Whether it be academia, work or a social life, Gen-Yers are forced to succumb to bewilderment. Confusion can be maddening, but without it, blandness would run rampantly on…

Can Gen-Y Overcome Being Called Lazy By Older Generations?

ByJohn Farrell
Arguments are popping up everywhere about why no other generation can call Generation-Y anything negative. Gen-Yers have been labeled by Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers as lazy, selfish and useless. It’s easy to argue with other generations by pointing…

Are Identities Socially Constructed By Career Paths?

ByJohn Farrell
Every September, Millennial college students have important decisions to make. Their parents and guidance counselors direct them to take on majors that will provide the best chance to achieve their goals. But, what happens to the identities of…

Why Cynicism Is The Root Of All Of Gen-Y's Problems

ByJohn Farrell
Has cynicism become a rampant disease among Generation-Y? We’ve all experienced a feeling of dread whenever someone we label as “unworthy,” gains something positive. Whether it’s a job, a relationship, or an award we cast, these people and their…