Joe Belsterling


Joe is a contributing writer from the D.C. region. He is an EdTech entrepreneur ( and consults several early stage startups on the side. He loves pickup sports, college basketball & lacrosse, the outdoors, and art (mostly paintings).

The 4 Keys to Maintaining Sanity as an Entrepreneur

By Joe Belsterling
Three months ago, I thought everything was over. I just blew a deal for 100,000-plus students, on which I had everything riding. I just passed up a job with one of the hottest companies in EdTech because this deal was going to help MajorClarity take…

5 Reasons Why It Takes An Independent Person To Date An Entrepreneur

By Joe Belsterling
This piece is a semi-response to this article about why dating an entrepreneur is special. I use a female pronoun simply because in my situation, the incredible significant other is a girl. There is a trend in our country that will pay great…

I’m A Man And I Call Myself A Feminist Now, And You Should Too

By Joe Belsterling
I am a white male conservative. I don’t usually label myself as such because in today’s world, most labels have way too intense of social and political connotations. (Notice how I said “conservative,” not Republican.) But, something I never thought…

3 Things You Need To Know Before Crowdfunding Your Startup

By Joe Belsterling
More and more startups and entrepreneurs are turning to crowdfunding these days and not just equity crowdfunding (i.e. Wefunder), but rather, perk crowdfunding (i.e. Kickstarter and Indiegogo). Crowdfunding can be a great tool for startups and…

Why You Don't Need To Have The Next Big Idea To Start A Company

By Joe Belsterling
Eight months ago, I started a company (now, MajorClarity) based on a kind of crappy idea that I had a really tough time articulating. It took a different form or meaning every time I explained it to someone, and no one really knew what we actually…