Joana Ribeiro

Joana was born and bred in Portugal, started reading avidly as soon as she could and took up writing whenever her older brothers were taking over the TV. A not so secret nerd, she loves learning about new random facts everyday, and oozes weird trivia to anyone who's around. As a freelancer, she wrote articles, blog posts and would like to write books worth remembering. She is also a die hard fan of pizza, Stephen King, Indie rock, Coco Puffs, dogs and camping.

7 Habits Of Creative People That Will Allow You To Open Your Mind

By Joana Ribeiro
So, you’re at another dead end. After days of typing away, researching and coming up with the most exciting material you can find, your mind draws a blank. You think you have the best idea, but when you shoot for the stars, you fall short. In a…