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Full-time traveler and daydreamer, following her passion for writing around the world. Lover of postcards, puppies, wine, and coconuts. Still yet to decide if she is in Slytherin or Gryffindor. Instagram: @jesssambuco M.S. Food Science B.S. Nutritional Science

15 Countries Off The Beaten Path For The Broke And Bold Traveler

By Jessica Sambuco
So you've been to Thailand? Here are the best and most affordable places for young and adventurous travelers to escape to next. 1. South Korea For a Tokyo experience at half the cost, visit the trendy country of South Korea. Go for the ancient…

10 Badass Ways To Travel The World On A Budget But Without Making Sacrifices

By Jessica Sambuco
For the past 8 months, I have been traveling the world solo. Here are my best ideas for traveling on a budget without making any sacrifices. 1. Swap hotels for hostels and Airbnb spots. Airbnb is obviously a clear favorite in affordable…

How To Deal With Bullies Long After High School Is Over

By Jessica Sambuco
I once wrote about quitting my job to travel the world and how it changed my life for the better. I'll admit, this was certainly not the most humble piece I have written in my life. Anyone miserable in their own desk job, dreaming of getting up and…

Visiting The Azores Islands Will Give Your Instagram Followers #TravelGoals

By Jessica Sambuco
It started out simple: I posted a picture of myself swimming in crystal clear waters on Instagram. It was a shameless selfie, but I didn't care. I was swimming in a beautiful, natural, pool with waterfalls cascading behind me. The pool was emerald…

Why I'm So Ecstatic That I Quit My Day Job To Travel The World

By Jessica Sambuco
When I grew up, I wanted to be a singer, model or actress. Fortunately, Snapchat and Instagram celebrities didn't exist in the '90s. Otherwise, I would have probably aspired to be a Kardashian instead. It didn't matter that I was blonde and had…

How To Successfully Date Someone Whose First Language Is Not English

By Jessica Sambuco
I recently found myself thousands of miles away from home in the company of a beautiful professional Spanish soccer player. Sounds like a dream, right? It was, at first. Then I realized he spoke almost no English -- and my Spanish, quite frankly, is…