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Life Enthusiast. Thrill Seeker. Adventurer. A free spirited go-getter, full time ocean dweller and part time ping pong champ. She writes about what fascinates her, and posts shenanigans on her instagram "@jessicoops ". Keep calm and carry on? Naw! Stay spastic, do wild things, and be merry!

6 Signs It's Time To Move On From Your Relationship, Good Or Bad

By Jessica Cooper
You probably clicked on this article because, in the back of your head, you know you're considering breaking up with the person you're dating. In fact, you might even feel guilty for reading this (even though you shouldn't). You keep holding…

It'll All Work Out: 4 Ways To Thrive In The Feeling Of Being Lost

By Jessica Cooper
“So, where do you see yourself in the future?” This question can be daunting for many. Hearts pound. Thoughts meander. Some might even tell others what they think they want to hear, just so they stop asking. Let me rewind for a second. Three years…

5 Reasons 'Single' Means So Much More Than Not Having An Significant Other

By Jessica Cooper
Whether you were broken up with, or you were the one doing the breaking up, the process is never necessarily easy. Sometimes, we break up with people we still love. Sometimes, we break up with people because we are not in love with them…

8 Reasons A Broken Heart Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You

By Jessica Cooper
Love: It's a word that famous poets, ancient philosophers, popular musicians and passionate people around the world either dread or desire. More often than not, however, their rhymes and rhythms come with a sting. Love can be just as lethal as it is…

10 Affirmations To Stay Positive When Life Is Not Going According To Plan

By Jessica Cooper
Life is amazing, but sometimes it's hard to acknowledge because of all the sticky situations and straight-up terrible nonsense that happens in our lives. Let me guess: Right when you FINALLY think something is going great, something bad happens…

8 Not-So-Stereotypical Things Every Girl In Her Early 20s Should Know

By Jessica Cooper
I have come to learn a lot about myself since I began living on my own in the past few months. Whether I was sorting something out regarding my relationships or simply trying to understand myself better, there was always something to learn. New…

It’s Not Just What You Know, It’s Who You Know — Why Networking Will Make You Successful

By Jessica Cooper
Although you might not want to admit it, it’s necessary to have an edge to get anywhere. As much as you may like to believe that a person can get to the top with brains alone, it’s pretty unrealistic. Sure, a lucky few people out there have probably…