Jessica Barraco


California girl by heart, marketing professional by day, and writer by moonlight, Jessica lives for rom-coms, baking and spin class. Jessica’s first book, an investigative memoir, The Butterfly Groove, will be published in August 2015.

Racing Against The Clock: 5 Ways To Make The Most Of The Little Time You Have

By Jessica Barraco
I am 27 and I live a double life in NYC. I am not a secret agent by any stretch of the imagination, but sometimes, I feel like one (without the lethal weapons). Having a passion separate from your daily nine-to-five is not an easy feat to juggle.…

Why I Gave Up Dancing After My Mom Passed Away

By Jessica Barraco
This is my story about why your passion should stay your own, no matter who inspires you. I can remember driving up to Irvine Dance Academy, where I took dance lessons from ages 3 to 12, with my mom in the car. I lived for the days when she would…

Timing Is Everything: Why You Should Make Plans Like There's No Tomorrow

By Jessica Barraco
They say timing is everything, though some people don’t believe in that principle. Physicists have been asking for years whether or not time even exists. Society is obsessed with movies about time travel, but when it’s in the here and now, some have…

How Discovering I Was Ill Taught Me To Let Go

By Jessica Barraco
Letting go was never something I was very good at doing. Stress, tension, drama — these are more my specialties. Having grown up in a tense household (most of the tension relates back to legitimate trauma, like when my mom was sick and passed away),…

Why You Shouldn't Let Age Get In The Way Of What You Want To Do In Life

By Jessica Barraco
Shakespeare once wrote, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Here I am, hundreds of years later, asking, what’s in an age? It’s my observation that society is obsessed with age -- especially since…

Don't Say 'Yes' Unless You Mean It: Why You Should Always Be Honest While Dating

By Jessica Barraco
I’m not a behavioral psychologist so I can’t scientifically tell you that everything I say is accurate. However, I can tell you what I’ve observed from five years of dating and meeting people – both in-person and online.  The verdict is: people can…

What Constitutes An Ex In The Casual Dating Culture Of Gen-Y?

By Jessica Barraco
What is an ex? In 2013's current hookup and casual dating culture, what really constitutes a significant other? From the time I was 14, then 18, then 22, I had boyfriends -- real boyfriends. In other words, we met each other's families, we spent as…

When Coincidences Become Too Creepy To Be Random

By Jessica Barraco
We’ve all experienced those strange serendipitous moments. You run into the person whom you were just thinking about, your friend shows up at the party in the same dress as you, you have a song in your head and then hear it on the radio that same…