Jenna Shnayerson


Jenna is an avid traveler, passionate writer, and frequent bruncher. If she is not in NYC or Sag Harbor, she is busy enjoying Syracuse University, pursuing a degree in Public Policy and a double minor in Geography and Strategic Management.

6 Phrases That Mean More To Your Partner Than ‘I Love You'

By Jenna Shnayerson
“I love you” is considered the most important three words someone could say to his or her significant other. Those eight letters have the potential to make or break a relationship. While telling someone you love him or her is one of the most…

5 Reasons Millennials Still Smoke, Despite Growing Up 'Anti-Tobacco'

By Jenna Shnayerson
We all know smoking cigarettes is bad for us. Yet, when I stand outside a bar or a party, I see my friends smoking. I'm even guilty of smoking one or two just to be “social.” My friends and I are well-educated individuals who have sat through…

4 Un-Materialistic Reasons Why I Want A Prenup When I Get Married

By Jenna Shnayerson
Like many little girls, I loved planning my perfect wedding. I always thought about what kind of dress I would want, what my ideal ring would look like and who my handsome groom might be. I would think about what kind of cake I would want and who…

3 Ways Growing Up With Divorced Parents Helped Me To Understand Love

By Jenna Shnayerson
When I tell people my parents are divorced, I get a lot of “I'm sorry” and questions dancing around the topic of “what's it like to come from a split-up family?” While having divorced parents was hard and forced me to grow up faster than some of my…

How To Find Someone To Love In This Dateless, Unromantic Generation

By Jenna Shnayerson
Every day it’s the same thing: a girl in the bathroom, a guy at the gym. Both of them are talking about how they were hooking up with someone and thought it was going somewhere. But then after a few weeks, their person disappears into thin air. He…