Jeff Steinmann

Jeff spent 13 years getting a bachelor's degree and 15 years working in corporate. When he realized all that sucked, he quit working and wrote a book called, "How to Quit Working." Jeff is a freedom fanatic. More at

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4 Simple Ways To Approach The Daunting Task Of Meditation

Meditation has plenty of benefits that folks from all walks of life are finally seeing. It's no longer viewed as woo-woo stuff for hippies and Buddhists; it's becoming an accepted technique with real, tangible benefits. But when you're getting starte…
By Jeff Steinmann

MLK Day: 5 Ways You Can Create Positive Change In The World Today

Recent events have created a lot of conversation about racism. We've taken to social media to fiercely defend our opinions on the matter, but the reality is, it's driving us farther apart. Change happens when we come together. Today, we celebrate the…
By Jeff Steinmann