Jasmine Pierce

Jasmine is a comedian, writer, and host of Sleepyhead Podcast, where she crawls into bed with her guests in the night, wakes them up, and interviews them. She is a contributing writer for Elite Daily, Funny or Die News, someecards, and Reductress.

6 Variations Of 'Love' You're Mistaking For The Real Thing

True love is hard to find, but love isn't. The problem with finding “true love” is, it's too complicated to effectively explain. But, we try anyway. We hear stories of it really working out. We take pieces of those stories and see where we can make t…
By Jasmine Pierce

5 Things People Who Don't Drink Coffee Are Fed Up Of Hearing

This is the first time I've had the courage to admit this publicly: I don't drink coffee. No, I'm not one of those think piece heroes who went a year without his or her blessed brew and never looked back. I don't drink coffee, and I never have. Yes, …
By Jasmine Pierce

5 Things To Remember If You've Lost Yourself In A Bad Relationship

I spent the tail end of my last relationship constantly saying things like, “I know I shouldn't, but I can't help myself,” “It's fine, I have no expectations” and “I know this can't go anywhere, but I'm young and should experience life." I said these…
By Jasmine Pierce