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Men Think I Want To Settle Down Because I Work In The Wedding Industry

By Ivana I. Andreani
"Oh no, what's he going to do now?" His eyes might glaze over while he politely continues with our small talk and tries to devise a quick and easy escape route. Or, he might blurt out, "That's nice" and immediately change the topic, secretly proud…

The Risk Of Dating A Friend Is That You May Never Get That Friend Back

By Ivana I. Andreani
It’s 12:15 am and I stumble into my cozy college townhouse after a shift at the campus coffee stop. My roommates are deep in a melodramatic conversation, but still manage to surprise me with a bottle of crisp, cold cider. It’s just what I…

No Expectations, No Disappointments: The Only Motto To Live By In Today's Hook-Up Culture

By Ivana I. Andreani
Why do we so often place expectations – unrealistically high expectations, at that – on potential significant others? Even worse, why do we stress about entities that are out of our control? In terms of love, the idea of "no expectations, no…

Why Being Indecisive May Or May Not Be The Worst Thing Ever

By Ivana I. Andreani
I couldn't even decide if I actually wanted to write this article. However, after a few days letting my thoughts marinate, change and culminate into real ideas, I finally sat down and put together a collection of reasons why being indecisive may be…

Take It From The Europeans: Labels Aren't The Key To A Successful Relationship

By Ivana I. Andreani
Girlfriend. Boyfriend. Hookup. Friend with benefits. Talking to him. Texting her. Dating. This incessant compulsion to define a relationship may just be one of the most unnecessary contemporary trends. With so many different kinds of relationships,…