Iulia Cirtina


Iulia studied psychology and started writing as she believes stories are one of the most powerful tools of creating knowledge and escape from routine. She is a writer on the XpatGirls blog, loves to paint and is a bit of a series junkie.

What You Have To Be Aware Of To See Your Long-Term Relationship Through

By Iulia Cirtina
Why do we fall out of love? It's one of those questions that keeps haunting us. How come two people who seemed so perfect for each other and so in love end up breaking up? We see it everywhere: our parents, our friends and the celebrity power…

3 Common Misconceptions About The 'Opposites Attract' Theory

By Iulia Cirtina
"Opposites attract" has become one of those old-fashioned sayings. But regardless, generation after generation remains intrigued with the idea. We love to see the least-expected combination of people unfolding before our eyes. Who doesn’t like a…

10 Pieces Of Advice From The Girl Who Was Always In A Relationship

By Iulia Cirtina
I've always been a relationship person. In every partnership, I've had to adjust my needs and desires to fit my partner's. But, I've also realized there are many things I rarely get the chance to enjoy once I start life together with someone…

9 Ways My Grandma's Manic Depressive Disorder Made Me A Stronger Person

By Iulia Cirtina
Due to several reasons, I was raised by my grandparents. Since the earliest I can remember, I knew my grandma was sick. But I later learned she suffered from manic depression, also known as bipolar disorder. The name of the illness is pretty…

Forget Going Cold Turkey: 3 Ways To Quit Smoking In A Less Brutal Way

By Iulia Cirtina
I have a few blessings to count in my life, but every time I have to choose my biggest achievement, it is always quitting smoking. I loved every single bit about smoking. I loved the feeling of holding a cigarette between my fingers, the hand…

5 Instances That Prove 30s-Life Crises Are Very Much A Real Thing

By Iulia Cirtina
If you look up “mid-life crisis” or “quarter-life crisis,” you'll get a ton of hits. But, if you are in your 30s and are (most likely) going through a tormenting time, you will only find a few posts that won't even begin to reflect the complexity of…