Isamar Avery


A NYC transplant living in sunny LA. Isamar is a freelance writer for EliteDaily and her own personal blog SecretAffair ( Isamar brings to EliteDaily over 5 years of experience in digital marketing and everything pop culture. The self-proclaimed diva prides herself in being overdressed and over-educated and has a ton of pictures to prove it. Official Website: | Email: | Instagram: iamdivaaa

The Reality Of Life: How To Achieve The Perfect Balance Between Fun And Work

By Isamar Avery
They say girls just want to have fun, but in reality, everyone wants to have fun. Sure, we'd all rather be playing than working, but that’s not plausible for a successful life. Many people I meet are so caught up with their social responsibilities…

From NYC To LA: Confessions Of An Ex-New Yorker

By Isamar Avery
It was a light October snow but it was snow nonetheless, and my first snow at that. Although I was only three, and that memory is 20 years old, I still remember my first night in New York City. Granted, it was a different New York back then. The…

Why Self-Discovery Could Be The Most Important Lesson You'll Ever Learn

By Isamar Avery
Sometimes I find myself totally lost. I am following the path that has been designed for me, like a puppet, and still find myself in the middle of nowhere without a map or compass to guide the way, or a cellphone to call home. That is what life is:…

The 'Good Life' Ain't Cheap: The Difference Between Working Hard And Hardly Working

By Isamar Avery
Some people will waste their days away, complaining about being broke and not having a job, when they could be spending their time job-hunting, instead. You’ll meet people who will always have their hands out, and those that would rather manhunt to…

Haters Gonna Hate: Why Gen-Y Is The Hater Generation

By Isamar Avery
Comparing yourself to others has to be the root of all evil. It is so obvious when you are keeping tabs on your so-called "friend," it must get exhausting to count others' blessings instead of your own. The worst part about it is that these…

Tips To Successfully Shop Online

By Isamar Avery
I absolutely love shopping – I mean, who doesn’t? You get to browse through shiny new items that can be yours at a swipe of a card; it’s a great way to catch up with your pals and what else are you to do in your 3-hour break between classes? You…

Women Are The Leaders Of Our Time

By Isamar Avery
We are in the year 2013, women use ovens for storage and men are stay at home dads. Throw away conventionality and gender roles because in this day and age women are taking over the world of leaders -- one red bottom at a time. It occurred to me in…

Top 10 Trends For Spring 2013

By Isamar Avery
With Spring coming into full bloom it's hard to tell which clothes you should stop wearing in your closet and which ones you should start bringing out. Luckily, we've put together a visual guideline for you to make sure you take the right…