Imani Ellis


Hailing from Atlanta, Imani is a contributing writer covering entertainment, pop culture & relationships. Currently residing in NYC, Imani loves watching Morning Joe & The Mindy Project. Her favorite foods are steak and chicken pot pie.

8 Things Dad Taught Me About Finding Prince Charming In A Sea Of Frogs

By Imani Ellis
Words cannot express how grateful I am to have known my kind, intelligent and courageous father. From a young age, my father set high standards for my schoolwork, life choices and the individuals I allowed to enter into my life. He wanted me and my…

6 Real-Life Lessons You Need To Learn From Cookie Lyon Of 'Empire'

By Imani Ellis
Love her or hate her, you probably recognize the name Cookie Lyon. And if you don’t? Well, it’s time to climb out from underneath that rock of yours, and allow yourself to indulge in the addiction that is “Empire.” Played by the talented Taraji P.…

10 Things Y'all Gonna Have To Get Used To As A Southerner In NYC

By Imani Ellis
Oh, New York, the "Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of." Although that much is true, it's going to take more than a few Alicia Keys lyrics to aid your survival in the city that never sleeps. You've completed step one by crossing the Mason-Dixon…

Three Options, One Major Decision: Deciding Where To Go Past The 'What Are We' Phase

By Imani Ellis
There comes a moment in every romantic relationship that is the most vague of them all. You begin spending weekends with the person (definitely more than Friday night bar crawls), and that individual quickly becomes your listener for anything…

Ladies, The Do’s And Don’ts Of Scoring A Second Date

By Imani Ellis
Congratulations! You did it. You nailed a first date with the cutie you run into every week at the neighborhood coffee shop. Sure, it’s been a long time coming, but the first date is here, and this guy is funny, witty and every bit the gentlemen you…

How To Stop Wasting Your Time In The Dating Game

By Imani Ellis
When I was younger, the highlight of my week was going to a shrine-like Chinese buffet down the street
with my family. Every Friday, we would pile into the suburban and head to an indigestion nightmare
of fried calamari, crab legs drizzled with…