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New York native, University of Wisconsin alum, brunch enthusiast, hopeless romantic and gym junkie. Social Media professional with a wanna-be writer side hustle. My dream was once to be the next Carrie Bradshaw but now it's to find coffee under $2.00 in NYC. I'm funnier on Twitter than in real life

The 20 Most Ridiculous Excuses You Give After Somebody Ghosts You

By Ilana Fromm
Dating is absolutely awful, right? Sometimes the first date jitters are exciting. But dating is also horrible because you know, no matter what, it's going to end one way or another. Happily ever after or disaster. Maybe that endless opportunity is…

Everything I'll Tell My Future Daughter About The 2016 Election Results

By Ilana Fromm
A few weeks ago, I penned a letter to my future children about the 2016 election and how, with my vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton, I was voting for their future. I thought, one day in the next decade, I would pull out that letter and speak of values…

Everything I'll Tell My Future Daughter About The 2016 Election

By Ilana Fromm
I'm 24. I first voted in the 2012 presidential election in the state of Wisconsin. Though Wisconsin hasn't gone red since Reagan, I felt my vote for incumbent Barack Obama mattered more in Wisconsin than my home state of New York. It was…

5 Things I Wouldn't Have Learned If I Didn't Go To The University Of Wisconsin

By Ilana Fromm
One day I woke up and I was a college graduate. Four years passed me bye in the blink of an eye, and if that's not bad enough, the last two years following passed by even faster. I've reached that really weird time of post-grad life where you're not…

How I Learned The Difference Between Healthy And Skinny

By Ilana Fromm
We live in a pretty f*cked up society. It seems like every other day, another young girl is suspended from school because someone considers her dress too revealing. As if the average 13-year-old doesn’t have enough to worry about, she is constantly…

90 Years Young: 4 Life Lessons I Learned From My Beloved Grandmother's Death

By Ilana Fromm
Death sucks and there aren’t many other ways to say it. You can’t prepare for it and even though we know we’ll experience it at least once in our lives, that doesn’t make it any easier. We cry, we mourn, we feel, we remember. But, I like to think…

To Every Girl Preparing For Rush: Here's Why You Should Make The Most Of The Process

By Ilana Fromm
Dear Incoming Pledge Class, Wow. You make me feel old. Your days as a high school senior are over and you’re about to embark on this crazy adventure called college. Your summer has consisted of hours gossiping at your favorite coffee shop with your…

All The Feels: The 5 Stages Of Post-College Grief

By Ilana Fromm
College graduation is a milestone some of us knew, almost since birth, was bound to happen. As we added notches to our belts -- driver’s license, prom, high school graduation, etc. -- graduation seemed as far away as our 30th birthdays. During the…

These Scars Run Deep: How Barbie Placed Unfair Expectations On Gen-Y Girls

By Ilana Fromm
Rewind 15 years: You’re a little girl and you’ve spent the better part of your Saturday playing with Barbie. She drove around in her pink convertible, strolled through the Dreamhouse, fell in love with Ken and went from aerobics instructor to pilot…