Hunter Bui


Bui graduated from Industrial Design at the University of Technology, Sydney. He has always had a passion for expression through words. He currently runs an Australian streetwear label and seeks to discover more about his entrepreneurial self. See the full range at Follow his Instagram pages: @built2l4st @latchapparelco

4 Ways You Can Tidy Up Your Virtual Space During Spring Cleaning

By Hunter Bui
Due to our overconsumption of goods and products that have proven to be unnecessary, it seems as though society is beginning to understand the pitfalls of materialistic desire. There are plenty of techniques individuals are now implementing to flush…

How To Get Financial Freedom When You Can't Increase Your Salary

By Hunter Bui
For the modern money warrior, the term "rich" is beginning to get replaced by the description "financially free." Many of us are chasing freedom, not riches. But, we understand that money is vital for freedom. The state of being "rich" has become…

5 Ways To Be F*cking Amazing At Being Unemployed

By Hunter Bui
A majority of society would consider unemployment to be an undesirable destination, a place of shame, a constant battle and a frowned-upon predicament. The minority, however, would consider unemployment a choice, an entrepreneurial opportunity and a…

3 Reasons People Who Go Against The Grain Do Better In The Job Market

By Hunter Bui
Think back to the early stages of your high school years. It was all a popularity contest, wasn't it? Having the highest social standards and making countless friends was the ticket to survival, and we truly believed that this would benefit us in…

3 Ways Lunar New Year Celebrations Will Test Your Resolutions

By Hunter Bui
With just a few weeks to the Lunar New Year (Monday, February 8, 2016), many western Asian families can anticipate the joys of spending time with relatives, copious amounts of food and drinks and those lucky red packets. Continuing the New Year with…

9 Reasons Sagittarians Are The Most Driven People In The Zodiac

By Hunter Bui
Sagittarius-born people gallop their way through life at full speed, cutting to the chase without taking shortcuts. Instincts allow Sagittarius-born people to be more dynamic, and their positive outlook on life can grow to be contagious. As the…

5 Keys To Effective And Meaningful Verbal Communication

By Hunter Bui
Stop! Don’t send that text just yet. Wait, you’re that quick at typing? You just sent it? Dang. Communication remains a major deal-breaker in all forms of modern relationships. Gone are the days of the "rider and the message," but written text is…