Hannah Tenpas


Hannah Tenpas’s first accent was British, she had kindergarten in English and Spanish, and started taking the train alone in Tokyo by nine. You can catch her on Twitter and check out her career and travel blog at http://blackcoffeeandlipstick.com

3 Reasons Vacations Without Your SO Are Actually Good For Your Relationship

By Hannah Tenpas
When it comes to friendships, I do my best to channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw. Men might disappoint you, cheat on you or abandon you, but you will always have girlfriends in your corner. They're your real soulmates. If I've learned one thing from…

3 Ways To Bounce Back Financially After Draining Your Savings To Travel

By Hannah Tenpas
It's embarrassing, but foreign currency doesn't always feel "real" to me. "3000 yen? I'm rich! Look how pretty the colors of these euros are!" It feels like Monopoly money that's burning a hole in my pocket. There's also a certain adrenaline rush…

How To Not Feel Helpless When Your Friend Is Suffering From Depression

By Hannah Tenpas
We've all had a sore throat or the flu. We've all had blood drawn. We've see the physical effects of chemo, and how much a broken bone can inhibit one's day-to-day life. Depression, on the other hand, is far more difficult to relate to. It's beyond…

4 Signs You'll Never Be Completely Satisfied Working A 9-To-5

By Hannah Tenpas
What ties you to your cubicle? Are you afraid to quit because you think it'll be the end of your career? Do you cling to excuses like, "I'll do it next year," or "I can't afford it?" Maybe you're happy at your job, you love your life and you don't…

Here's What You Should Actually Be Asking At The End Of A Job Interview

By Hannah Tenpas
Almost every interview ends with “What questions do you have for me?” By now, you know you need to ask questions. But which ones are the most beneficial for you to ask? Asking the right questions not only makes you look good, but it can also make it…

3 Things You Should Avoid Saying To A Co-Worker Who's Suffered A Loss

By Hannah Tenpas
Talking about death is uncomfortable. I get it. It's hard to know what to say, and being afraid of saying the wrong thing might keep you from saying anything at all. You're probably comfortable with showing up at your friend's house when something…

4 Networking Tips You Can't Underestimate When Going After Your Dream Job

By Hannah Tenpas
Are you ready for my biggest networking secret? "Networking" is just a fancy word for making friends. When I was looking for a job in San Francisco, I figured out pretty quickly that networking is king. I'd tried applying to jobs on my own, but I…