Hannah Guthman


Hannah Guthman graduated from UC San Diego with a Bachelor's in Communication. She loves to run and create nutrient-dense recipes, is an inspired member of the health and wellness community, and has a passion for writing about mindful living.

5 Reasons Why Taking A Nap As An Adult Is Both A Reward And A Struggle

By Hannah Guthman
Remember back when we were little kids, and the phrase, “it’s time to take a nap” was one of the most awful, dreadful combination of words uttered by our parents? It usually came on a weekend, around 2 pm or so, sometimes right after lunch. It’s not…

6 Miserable Things About Undergrad You Can't Wait To Forget

By Hannah Guthman
You can barely keep your eyes open, but your head is held high as you march toward a TA's office to turn in your final, final paper. The all-nighter maintained by frequent munching and copious amounts of coffee were well worth it. Fifteen pages of…

5 Reasons Beets Are The Root Vegetable Your Life Needs Much More Of

By Hannah Guthman
It's time to officially meet the beet: a savory, earthy, slightly-sweet piece of produce packed with color and supercharged with nutrients. This seasonal vegetable is well known for its ruby-red appearance, and it is praised for its medicinal…

5 Easy, Wallet-Friendly Tips To Restore Your Hair's Health For Summer

By Hannah Guthman
No matter how we decide to style, wash, color or cut our hair, it endures a variety of damaging irritants on a daily basis. Some of these impurities are packaged in the form of beauty products; some are incorporated into the manufactured foods we…

What It Was Like To Be Lifted By A Lotus And Rise Above Hardships

By Hannah Guthman
Within the realm of mindfulness, the flowering, aquatic lotus is widely understood as a symbol of strength and enlightenment, and as a metaphor for growth and transcendence. I wasn’t really aware of the associated meanings until I became interested…