Hannah Chambers


Hannah is a journalism student at the University of Maine. She lives for all things Gossip Girl and Justin Timberlake. You can read more of her work at Hercampus.com/UMaine and Hairfullofsecrets.com.

Here's Why Zayn Is Actually Better Off Without One Direction

By Hannah Chambers
Do you remember the moment you fell in love for the first time? I do. It was August 19, 2011, the day One Direction's “What Makes You Beautiful” video was released. When I saw Zayn Malik running around the beach in baggy khakis with suspenders, I…

10 Reasons Valentine's Babies Have The Worst Holiday Birthday

By Hannah Chambers
If your birthday is on February 14, you’re probably used to hearing “Aw! A Valentine’s Day baby!” every time you tell someone when your birthday is. According to our birthday horoscope, individuals born on Valentine’s Day are known for their dry…

10 Reasons 'Gossip Girl' And 'The Office' Are Basically The Same Show

By Hannah Chambers
"Gossip Girl" and "The Office" are undoubtedly two of the best shows to binge-watch on Netflix. At first glance, they might seem like two completely different shows. "Gossip Girl" takes place in the Upper East Side, while "The Office" calls…

15 Signs Your Justin Bieber Obsession Has Gone Too Far

By Hannah Chambers
Until recently, Beliebers had it rough. The general public had mixed emotions on Bieber: Was he adorable? Was he annoying? Was he a troublemaker? As a Belieber, you've always stood by JB's decisions no matter what. From crashing his ATV into a…

7 Reasons Amy Schumer Is More Than Just Comedy's 'It' Girl

By Hannah Chambers
Die-hard comedy fans have been fangirling over Amy Schumer for a few years, but the rest of the world has only recently tuned into her greatness. There's something about Schumer we can all relate to. Whether she's chugging wine from the bottle or…