Hanna Mallette

Syracuse University Class of 2015. Writing and Rhetoric major, with a minor in LGBT Studies. Passionate about eating, writing, exercising, fishing, shopping, and quality time with family and friends.

The Forgotten LDR: 20 Accepted Truths Of Having Estranged Parents

ByHanna Mallette
For some people, factors such as work or divorce separate them from parents or guardians for considerable lengths of time. I’ve had a long-distance relationship with my father my entire life. I would see him every two or three weeks, since his job…

Trans Rights: Why The Government Shouldn't Choose A Restroom For You

ByHanna Mallette
Most would agree restroom use is a human right, since urination and defecation are bodily functions we can't control. While many may not think twice about running to the nearest bathroom to relieve their needs, those who identify as disabled, LGBTQ…

Don't Pick Me: Why I'd Rather Be Alone Than In A Cheater's Company

ByHanna Mallette
I have had my fair share of cheaters in the past, and while I underwent overwhelming amounts of sadness and self-loathing, I am much more aware now. I am stronger, wiser and quite guarded. I can separate myself from my emotions with ease. I now take…

Obsessed Much? 4 Reasons Not To Date Someone Who's Just Too Into You

ByHanna Mallette
While I was growing up, I came to realize my father was the type of man who would do anything for his wife, any time of the day. Whether it be driving 45 minutes away to Taco Bell to retrieve three burrito supremes, or to the nearest mall to buy her…

I'm A Grown Woman And There Are Better Words Than 'Cute' To Describe Me

ByHanna Mallette
Many have told me I was cute as a child, and I would agree with them. Also, I really haven’t seen too many “ugly” children in my day. I suppose it’s pretty difficult to think of a small human as anything besides “cute.” I was a nugget from birth,…