Haley Schluter


Haley is a Broadcast and Digital journalism student at the Newhouse School of Public Communications out of Syracuse University. She is based in NY, and is a proud and informed feminist. Check out more of her work at haleyschluter.com

7 All-Natural Ways To Ease Mild, Everyday Cases Of Anxiety

By Haley Schluter
Anxiety: It's either something you're all too familiar with, or unfortunately culturally misinformed about. It's not always a crippling, quicksand feeling, where you're suddenly overwhelmed and "need to sit down." It certainly can be, but not…

5 Conversations You Should Have With Yourself Before You Graduate

By Haley Schluter
These last few weeks before we enter the "real world" are always hectic. They're filled with applying to jobs, scrambling to find apartments to live in and crying at the bar as you say goodbye to friends you made when you were just a baby-faced…

Why Being A 'Go-Getter' Doesn't Make You Any Better

By Haley Schluter
I saw a quote the other day that changed the way I think about many things: "Five plus four may equal nine, but so does six plus three. There is not only one way to do something." This quote made me realize that there is no "right way" to go about…

5 Life-Changing Epiphanies You Have About Friendships In Your 20s

By Haley Schluter
Our first cognitive memories of friendships can date back to before pre-K, playing with your neighborhood mate in the snow or sharing crayons with your 6-year-old bestie. We've been doing this whole friendship thing for some time now, and needless…

9 Times It's Actually Acceptable To Tell A Little White Lie

By Haley Schluter
We are all familiar with white lies. They're the harmless kind we often tell out of politeness, or contingent upon social norms and cues. Some may think lying in any way is wrong and awful, and only the whole truth and nothing but the truth should…

5 Times You Communicate With Your Besties Without Saying A Word

By Haley Schluter
There are a million and two reasons why having close girlfriends is the best thing in the world. It means always having someone to to share that cheap bottle of Chardonnay with, never having to watch "Vanderpump Rules" alone, and having at least…

Why We Should Say What We Mean And Mean What We Say

By Haley Schluter
It is a concept (and absolutely wonderful advice) that stands as a lesser-represented idiomatic phrase from our childhoods. Many of us remember classics like, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." Or, "I'm rubber and…