Haley Moss

Haley is a current University of Miami law student and a University of Florida graduate. Haley loves to write, draw and make a difference for those with disabilities! You can learn more about her at haleymossart.com or facebook.com/haleymossart

How Today's Digital World Allowed Me To Have So Many Mentors I've Never Met

Geography is no longer my master. I am finishing my college education while living at home with my parents. I live in a sleepy Florida town that boasts a population of 25,701, according to the last census. It's not exactly the kind of place where you…
By Haley Moss

It's Okay To Be Different: How Opening Up About My Autism Brought Me New Life

I’m coming out of the closet to every single one of you today. It might not be the "out of the closet" you expected, but it is my puzzling and unique autism closet, filled with memories, drawings, writings and deep miscommunications. I am bursting ou…
By Haley Moss