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Shani Mornan aka 'Good Mornan' is a Toronto-born singer,writer, and overall lover of life. From the stage to her page she loves to take her experiences and turn them into beautiful works of art. As a recent graduate of York University with an Honors Baccalaureate in Communications Studies Good is ready for her next life-challenge. Ask her anything at

XXY-Files: How Agent Scully Taught Me To Be A Female Businesswoman

By Good Mornan
FOX has been in recent talks to revive the 1993-2002 sci-fi series, "The X-Files," featuring Gillian Anderson (Agent Dana Scully) and David Duchovny (Agent Fox Mulder). Although the show was revived as a film in 2008, and a second revival has not…

It's Complicated: 20 Realities Of On-Again, Off-Again Relationships

By Good Mornan
So, your partner left you. Again. You aren’t sure whether to be completely frustrated and wait for the “I’m sorry, let’s talk” phone call or to just move on, but you know the call is coming. Your friends and family are tired of your inconsistent…

The 21st Century Woman: How To Better Understand What She Really Wants

By Good Mornan
Men, allow me to introduce you to the 21st Century Woman. She is beautiful. She is intelligent. She is hardworking and tough. She is demanding and sometimes, she is difficult. Hopefully, you have nabbed yourself one of the best and are happily…

4 Absolute Truths To Keep In Mind Whenever You're Stressing Out

By Good Mornan
There is something that we must all reconcile: life happens whether or not you plan for it. Life does not wait for you to make decisions — it moves forward regardless of what you want. There is a solution to every problem and people allow situations…

Insider Trading: How Being A Tomboy Growing Up Can Be Used To Your Advantage

By Good Mornan
I was never “girly” when I was younger. While I had some female friends, I never quite fit in. I just wasn't interested in playing house, dress-up or chasing butterflies. I spent a lot of time playing sports, video games and hanging out with my…

The 2 Simple Rules That Will Save All Of Your Future Relationships

By Good Mornan
Ladies, Sometimes we just need to learn how to say, “You’re an assh*le. Goodbye. I do not wish you all the best, I do not hope you do well and I never want to see you again for as long as I live.” This is a lesson I’ve recently learned, and it is…