Gloria Atanmo


Until it's legally allowed to marry a jar of Nutella, Glo has decided to try the nomadic life, living out of a suitcase for over 1,000 days, traveling to over 30 countries across 4 continents. She blogs about her adventures at and cries over her student loans in between posting IG photos from around the world: @glogrpahics

Why We Need To Stop Feeling Awkward About Black History Month

By Gloria Atanmo
Dear America, Stop feeling awkward about Black History Month. You know what's awkward? Tiptoeing around a subject that should be celebrated and praised. Black history isn't as simple as allocating 28 to 29 days of the year to acknowledge black…

10 Reasons You’ll Have A Better Experience If You Travel On A Budget

By Gloria Atanmo
In the off chance Sallie Mae's chokehold hasn't yet cut off your circulation and you also have aspirations to travel, you're still in debt luck. During my two and a half years of living and traveling abroad, I've had days where I felt like Oprah's…

My Own Boss: 10 Reasons Entrepreneurs Aren't Suited For The Workplace

By Gloria Atanmo
I recently announced my plans to take my entrepreneurial endeavors full-time. Essentially, I'm granting myself a life of location independence, time freedom and ultimately, the happiness some people never truly find in the workplace. My humble…

The Problems With The Question, 'How Do You Afford To Travel?'

By Gloria Atanmo
Whenever someone asks me how I afford to travel, I have to force myself not to respond with, “Selling Nutella by the spoonful and procrastinating on Sallie Mae payments.” It's just so funny because people think there's this magic formula out…

Catching Wanderlust: 10 Ways To Cope With Being A Girl Who Loves To Travel

By Gloria Atanmo
Bless the hearts of the men who try to keep up with the fast-paced, ever-changing souls of female wanderlusters. The quick wit, impulsive nature and always-evolving idea of what these women's lives should look like make them some of the most complex…

A Student Of The World: Why A Passport Is More Important Than College

By Gloria Atanmo
When I look at my degree and all the effort and time that went into producing it, I’m damn proud of that expensive piece of paper that defined so much of my being (before Sallie Mae reduced me to a puddle of tears, that is). But still, my degree is…