Ginny Hogan


Ginny Hogan is a sex and dating writer at Elite Daily. She writes about all kinds of sex and dating topics, ranging from advice on how to text after a first date to tips for new sex positions. She's also a huge fan of sharing her own myriad dating experiences. Ginny is also an LA-based writer and stand up comedian. She's written satire for the New Yorker, the New York Times, McSweeney's, and Cosmopolitan. She's currently working on a humor book about women in the workplace, out September 10th. While not working, Ginny spends a lot of time on Tinder. She has yet to upgrade to a better dating app. She also loves yoga and waiting for the bus (truly - some of the most zen moments of her day) Find her on Twitter and Instagram @ginnyhogan_, or find her writing at