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3 Christmas Gifts To Buy A Fantasy Football Fan No Matter Your Budget

By Giana Pacinelli
'Tis the season for jingle bells, Christmas trees, NFL Sundays and, of course, gift giving. We all have a brother, uncle, coworker, boyfriend or friend who's a huge fantasy football fan. But let's be real: Does anyone know what to get them? There…

Why We Still Have A Gender Pay Gap More Than 50 Years After The Equal Pay Act

By Giana Pacinelli
Today marks Equal Pay Day, meaning today is the day when women's pay has caught up to men's pay from last year. Each year, Equal Pay Day sheds light on how far we still have to go in the fight for pay equality. You might be asking yourself, how is…

5 Millennial Women Who Prove You're Never Too Young To Change The World

By Giana Pacinelli
"Girl power" isn't a new phrase. The Spice Girls helped start the conversation, Beyoncé let us know "who run the world" and A-list celebrities around the world are using their status to their advantage. Social media and technology, as a whole, has…

6 Adorable Dog Instagrams You Need To Be Following

By Giana Pacinelli
Social media has given us the opportunity to showcase our relationships, our latest hairstyles, our new jobs and, most importantly, our adorable dogs. Both dog owners and dog lovers seem to gravitate toward dog Instagram pages, just like they…

Who Run The World? How Women Are Making Waves In Male-Dominated Fields

By Giana Pacinelli
You may have noticed more women making waves in male-dominated fields over the past several years. Last week, this became even more apparent, as the Arizona Cardinals hired Jen Welter, the first female coach in NFL's history. This comes just one…

How Amy Schumer Is Dominating Comedy And Empowering Women

By Giana Pacinelli
Move over, Amy Poehler, there’s a new Amy trying to steal your laughs, and she’s doing it with a little bit of feminism and a whole lot of vulgarity. Amy Schumer is best known for her sketch comedy series, "Inside Amy Schumer," which has been airing…