Gabriela Szulzinger


Gabriela is a blogger residing in Montreal, Canada. She has an educational background in Photography and Creative Arts. Besides contributing to Elite Daily and managing her blog Diary Of A West Island Girl, she works as a Media Marketing and Social Media Specialist. She loves soccer, books and her cat.

5 Ways To Know He’s Actually ‘The One’ And Not Just ‘Another One'

By Gabriela Szulzinger
Have you ever heard someone say, "When you find The One, you'll just KNOW," and you leave the conversation feeling more confused than ever? How exactly is it possible that you'd meet a person and immediately know they are the other human you've been…

5 Things You Need To Do To Be Truly Happy In Your 20s

By Gabriela Szulzinger
Let's face it: Your 20s are a hard AF time in your life. Sure, everyone says being a teenager is worse and by the time you reach your 20s, you'll have everything figured out. But they lied. You actually only start figuring things out in your…

The Only Way To Get Over Your Ex Is To Realize How Much More You Deserve

By Gabriela Szulzinger
One of the most common questions I get from people and that I've heard others, in general, ask is "How do you know when you're fully over someone?” To be honest, there is no real way to know. There's no defining moment or time when you decide to get…

Why I Don't Have Any Trust Issues, Despite My Past Failed Relationships

By Gabriela Szulzinger
If any of you follow my personal blog, you'll know that I've talked about the many issues that arise when one becomes single. However, the biggest issue that comes about – at least in my experience – is the problems that come along when we have to…

Clash Of The Rams: What Happens When Two Aries End Up In A Fiery Relationship

By Gabriela Szulzinger
I would like to put it out there that I always feel like this is the best time of year. And by this, I mean the time in which we celebrate the Aries individual. My opinion could very well be biased, seeing as I'm an Aries myself. I love to celebrate…

Why Your 30s Are The Time To Leave Your Temporary Friends Behind

By Gabriela Szulzinger
I'm sure many of you ladies out there who have had your heart broken (or have broken someone else's heart) can agree with me that as we get older, we take every relationship as a lesson learned. This enables us to ensure that the next guy we choose…