Gabi Garrett


Gabi is an aspiring author who hopes to be have her novel completed by next year. She's currently 200hr yoga teacher training and hopes to help others through the written word and movement of body. Namaste, y'all.

5 Ways To Nurture Your Passion Without Having To Quit Your Day Job

By Gabi Garrett
In today’s world, everywhere we look, articles are appealing to our ego. Lately, it’s hard to avoid seeing people of all ages quitting their jobs to clean bathrooms in Barcelona. This type of image feeds our egos with the thrill of quitting a…

How Pursuing Our Own Happiness Is Actually Making Us More Depressed

By Gabi Garrett
I'm afraid to be happy because whenever I'm too happy, something bad always happens. – Charlie Brown With happiness being the latest buzzword, we're on the constant search to create completely worry-free lives. At times, we get so wrapped up in our…

5 Ways Each Sign Can Harness A Little Scorpio Power This Season

By Gabi Garrett
If you know a Scorpio, it's very likely he or she either intimidates you, inspires you or flat out scares you. Scorpios' determination, passion, sexual energy and motivation allow them to stand out among all the other signs. With their incredible…

Be Aware: 3 Ways To Support Someone Suffering From Mental Illness

By Gabi Garrett
Have you ever felt ashamed about skipping out on a plan or event because of mental illness? I have. Would the same apply if you had a health issue, such as a minor headache, instead of mild anxiety or heart palpitations? I'd say, probably not. As…

How To Be Proactive During Libra Season With Mercury In Retrograde

By Gabi Garrett
No matter what your astrological sign is, Mercury retrograde may be affecting you. During a Mercury retrograde period, communication is altered, life seems a little messy, and it may appear like nothing is working out the way you planned. This…