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Founded in 2014, Front Office Sports is an educational resource for students and young professionals in which they can access our extensive database of informational interviews, infographics, and tips revolving the sports business industry.

Why Patience And Persistence Are Key To A Successful Career In Sports

By Front Office Sports is contributing a series of pieces to with the aim of advising young professionals on how to navigate their way to a successful career in sports. This week's advice comes from Gerard Littlejohn, executive…

If You Want To Be A Sports Agent, Just Working Hard Isn't Good Enough

By Front Office Sports
Front Office Sports is proud to have sat down with Jason Belzer, Founder and President of Global Athlete Management Enterprises (GAME, Inc.). Jason represents coaches and produces college sporting events as it has always been an interest of his to…

6 Reasons You Should Develop Deep Relationships With Your Classmates

By Front Office Sports
You see these individuals pretty regularly in each of your classes. They are probably one of the most important groups of individuals to establish a professional relationship with. Who are these individuals? Your fellow classmates. Essentially,…

Careers In Sports: The People Behind The Scenes Of Game Day Experiences

By Front Office Sports
Kevin Young is the assistant director of event presentation for Miami University Athletics. His primary duty is to create the best game day experience for Miami University fans for a number of sports, through marketing, videos, music and everything…

Beyond The Classroom: 6 Reasons Professors Are More Than Just Educators

By Front Office Sports
As a professor, I'm always interested in the way we are perceived. Some say we are only teachers, or that we stay in our offices 24/7, reading books and manuscripts about theoretical foundations in our field. While there are professors who do this,…

What You Can Do In College To Shape Your Future In Athletic Administration

By Front Office Sports
Front Office Sports is proud to have sat down with Jeff Mitchell, senior associate athletic director at Santa Clara University. Jeff was gracious enough to have offered up his time and insight into the perfect mix of experience and education, being…