Frish Yaqubie


Frish is a loyal Brooklyn junkie. From bridges to bars, she is always in search of a story waiting to be told. Follow her along Instagram and twitter: itsfrish

Keep The Crush: Treat Your Relationship Like You Did In The Beginning

By Frish Yaqubie
I’m no expert when it comes to relationships and I don’t think I’ll ever be. I just keep thinking of this quote, and so, I’m thinking about you and finally beginning to understand what it means. Anthony Robbins said, Do what you did in the beginning…

The Real Reason Behind Our Human Tendency To Love Possessions And Use People

By Frish Yaqubie
People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason why the world is in chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used. I’ve been thinking about the different versions of this quote a lot recently. I wanted…

Let Go Of Your 'What Ifs': Why Overthinking Is The Biggest Relationship Killer

By Frish Yaqubie
The guy you’re talking to said he would call you later. You really like him, so you wait all night and by the next morning, he still hasn’t called. How many stories have you created in your head about him by now? How many absurd “truths” did you…

Being Selfish Isn't Being Rude… It's Putting Your Happiness First

By Frish Yaqubie
I used to think the key to happiness and success in life came from the art of giving and being selfless. After all, we live in a world where selfishness is common and selflessness barely exists. I hated selfish people. I made it my day-to-day job to…

An Open Letter To The Girl Who Let The Nice Guy Go

By Frish Yaqubie
I’ve seen it happen way too many times: The nice guy loses the girl for being exactly who he is. What’s even worse is if he’s really the nice guy, he’s going to lose her and say nothing about it. He’ll accept it as something she truly wants and give…

Who's On Top: Why We Gain The Upper Hand From Not Sh*t Talking Our Exes

By Frish Yaqubie
Every time my ex gets brought up in conversation, I’m given sh*t for not saying anything terrible about her. In fact, my best friend’s favorite line is, “Wow, you’re still defending her.” I didn’t know being completely honest was considered…

The Harsh Truth: Your Stagnant Relationship Isn't Going To Get Any Better

By Frish Yaqubie
There comes a point in all relationships when you are stuck in this thing I call the “labyrinth of nothingness.” It's the heart of the “I don't knows,” the “I thinks” and the “I just don't cares.” It’s when we’re no longer happy and when we spend a…