Francesca Maximé


Francesca Marguerite Maximé is Head Editor, Elite Daily Body & Mind. She loves baking cookies, living in Brooklyn, playing tennis, writing poetry, and being a cat mom.

It Turns Out, Going On Facebook Is Even Worse For Your Health Than We Thought

By Francesca Maximé
Another day, another study showing the hazards of too much social media use on your mental — and physical — health. Newsweek reported that this time, researchers at Johns Hopkins studied over 5 thousand Facebook users' behavior over a two-year…

Alec Baldwin Is Proof You Need To Make Mistakes To Be Happy

By Francesca Maximé
Alec Baldwin made hilarious history when he played not only Donald Trump, but Fox News Host Bill O'Reilly on "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend. In less than 24 hours, he showed up at the Brooklyn Academy of Music to play himself and talk about…

Why Alicia Keys And Swizz Beatz Are The Pure Definition Of Relationship Goals

By Francesca Maximé
Now that Barack and Michelle are gone from the White House, a lot of us are feeling a little bummed out. They look like they're having a blast on vacation and all, but we miss seeing all those romantic, #relationshipgoals moments, like the time he…

6 Ways To Fall Asleep Instantly, According To Arianna Huffington

By Francesca Maximé
If you know anything about Arianna Huffington, you're probably aware of the fact that when she talks about sleep, it feels like you're getting tucked into bed after a hot bath. She's just that good. And at last night's New York Women In…

An Expert On Dying Shared The 5 Things You Can Do Now To Live A Happier Life

By Francesca Maximé
Fortunately, I've always been pretty healthy. I've always felt like nothing was impossible, that I was capable of anything and that the world was mine for the taking. But, I'll never forget the first time I ever felt mortal. It was the day I…

Experts Revealed The One Thing You Need To Truly Be Happy

By Francesca Maximé
Do you whistle while you work? Or worry about your bills? Do you feel connected and secure? Or isolated and anxious? Whatever your response, where you live likely plays a big role in your answer, or, more specifically, which country you live…

How 4 Months Of Yoga Boosted My Confidence And Helped Me Lose 35 Pounds

By Francesca Maximé
I'm one of those people who signs up for a gym, goes for a week and never returns. I hoped spending all my money on those monthly payments would motivate me to actually go, but I never did. And after shelling out hundreds of dollars on personal…

I Gave Up Dairy For 10 Days, And My Body Has Never Felt Better

By Francesca Maximé
For the last couple of weeks, I've given up dairy and followed a strict vegan diet. And there's one thing that's really stood out regarding the whole experience: I've pooped a lot. Even though I've basically been eating vegetarian for the past two…

I Meditated 13 Hours A Day For A Week, And I’ve Never Felt More Grounded

By Francesca Maximé
For almost two weeks, I lived like a nun at a silent meditation retreat center. But to do so, I had to be down with some of the center's basic ground rules. That included waking up at 4 am, wearing baggy clothes, not exercising and meditating for 10…