Faye Brennan


Faye Brennan is the Head of Sex & Dating at Elite Daily.

Genius Ways You And Your SO Can Save Money When Going Out To Dinner

By Faye Brennan
When we asked couples in their 20s and 30s in a recent survey what they're most likely to spend their money on, 49 percent said going out to dinner. Date night at a restaurant even beat out a weekend getaway (16 percent), a week-long vacation (12…

Match Makes 'Singles Greetings' Holiday Cards A Thing, So Take That, Couples

By Faye Brennan
As every person who's ever been single knows, the holidays can be one giant, in-your-face advertisement for COUPLES, LOVE, SNOWY KISSES, CUDDLING, DIAMOND RINGS, EVERYTHING YOU DON'T HAVE BUT DESPERATELY WANT. You can only be so strong, until that…

Dating & Dollars: How Money Affects Our Love Lives

By Faye Brennan
What's scarier: Seeing a GIANT spider next to your head while you're in the shower, or bringing up the topic of money with your SO? I don't know about you, but I friggin' hate spiders. Still, talking dinero with bae takes the cake here. That may be…

5 Sex Toy Sales Happening On Cyber Monday (And What To Buy)

By Faye Brennan
Who cares about getting a new TV or laptop on sale this Cyber Monday when there are serious DEALS on expensive sex toys happening at the same time? A spanking new vibrator is the best (and most rewarding) investment in tech you can make on the…

'Wife Carrying' Is The Latest Challenge For Married Couples

By Faye Brennan
We're all familiar with how hard marriage can be. When you share every single day, paycheck and chore with the same person — who happens to be the only person you're allowed to have sex with for the rest of eternity — problems inevitably creep…

Here Is Proof My Sex Ed Teacher Was Wrong About So Many Sex Facts

By Faye Brennan
"YOU GUYSSSSSS, MS. KELTON!!!!!" I opened up Facebook Messenger to see what my high school friend was all-caps'ing about at noon on a Sunday. There were nine of us in the group chat — all of them were my closest friends from my hometown. Before I…

A Scary Amount Of People Are Not Getting STD Tests, Our New Survey Finds

By Faye Brennan
Raise your hand if your high school sex ed class sucked. Raise that hand high AF if it was taught by your gym teacher, you don't remember one thing you learned or you didn't even have a sex ed class. Millennials know our education system totally…