Emily Torres


A graduate from Vanderbilt University, Emily Torres now lives in San Diego enjoying the beach while working on an in-house PR team. As a former athlete, Emily is passionate about health/fitness. To read more, visit: www.thepostgradfiles.com

Why You Should Cut Your Hair If You Really Want To Get Over Your Breakup

By Emily Torres
The phenomenon of breakup haircuts has received more than its fair share of publicity, with celebs sporting new dos after major splits. (Hello Katy Perry and that pixie cut!) This paparazzi and media attention has turned the phenomenon into a rite…

6 Simple Changes To Your Nighttime Routine That'll Help You Fall Asleep

By Emily Torres
You hear it everywhere — you need to get more sleep! I can't disagree. Sleep makes me happier and more energized. It helps me run faster and eat cleaner. Sleep clears up my skin, it helps with my anxiety and leads to greater overall focus and…

9 Reasons Being Broke Was Actually The Best Thing To Happen To Me

By Emily Torres
When I got my first job offer after college, I thought I would be rolling in the dough. But, I proved myself wrong. Between a low-paying entry-level job, setting up a new apartment, rent in one of the top five most expensive cities in the United…

I Haven't Even Found 'The One' Yet, But I Already Know I Will Keep My Name

By Emily Torres
I'll be the first to admit it: I am nowhere near marriage. While my friends are all turning their bridal Pinterest boards into reality, I'm completely content being a supportive guest, helping out with decisions on menu designs, floral arrangements,…

What It Actually Feels Like To Have a Panic Attack

By Emily Torres
It can be a normal day: I could be sitting at the beach, magazine in hand and friends in tow. It can be a normal evening: I could be sitting and watching "Grey's Anatomy," ogling Jesse Williams and turning away squeamishly whenever there's any fake…

5 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before You Reach Out To An Ex

By Emily Torres
I – like many others – am a creature of habit. I crave familiarity, comfort, predictability and routine. Boring? Sure. Comforting? Absolutely. Because of this mentality, breakups have always been particularly hard for me. The idea of completely…

Bite The Bullet: 5 Reactions To Expect When You Move Away From Home

By Emily Torres
Millennials are more mobile than any other generation, and many of us aren't planting roots anywhere anytime soon. Moving far from home is glamorous, challenging and different from what our parents and grandparents have done. My husband and I moved…

Don't Give Up: 8 Ways To Manage Your Time For Success Post-College

By Emily Torres
The first few months out of college are exhilarating. It's summertime, you don't have fall classes lined up and anything seems possible. It's exciting to know that you are the master of your fate and don't have to deal with strict class and…

Less Is So Much More: 5 Signs Your Possessions Actually Own You

By Emily Torres
Organizing and decluttering is all the rage lately, and it's especially relevant for Millennials in transition. Whether it's moving into or out of college, getting married, buying a home or having children, our stuff is following us through all…