Emily Perrott

My name is Emily! I'm a DPT Student at the University of Pittsburgh. I'm a lover of peace, animals, music, art, love and sarcasm.

Here's How To Embrace Being Single When Valentine's Day Is Approaching

ByEmily Perrott
Ah, the often-dreaded month of February is among us! Cue endless memes about drinking wine, listening to Adele, being alone with your cats and eating pizza with pepperoni hearts. I thought this would be a good time to address the eminent feelings…

Why Being A 'Cool Girl' Is Actually Ruining Your Chance Of Finding Real Love

ByEmily Perrott
As an active member of the single, Gen-Y female population, I've suffered the slings and arrows of what it means to participate in "modern dating." First of all, in our world of dating, going on actual dates is becoming a thing of the past. We're…

4 Memories I Can't Shake After Watching A Loved One Pass Away

ByEmily Perrott
On August 24, 2014, I watched my mother take her last breath. Death is an ugly thing, but movies often portray death as beautiful and calming. Well, if you've watched someone die, you know that generally isn't the case. She came home with hospice…

How To Continue Dealing With A Loss After Everyone Else Has Moved On

ByEmily Perrott
As of late, I’ve found myself in somewhat of a funk (even though I detest that expression). The people who are close to me knew immediately, and all they wanted to do was help. They’re good people. For a while, I couldn’t figure out what was…

365 Days Later: What I Learned About Gratitude After Losing My Mother

ByEmily Perrott
I recently experienced the one year anniversary of the day my world turned upside down. It was the day my mom died. On this anniversary, though, I had no time to cry. My friends kept me occupied and laughing for nearly 24 hours straight. It was…