Emily Garcés


Emily Garcés is a freelance writer and content creator. When she's not traveling, she loves spending time with her familia & friends, going to coffee shops and trying to figure out where her next destination should be. Peep her stuff at emilymgarces.blogspot.com #shamlessplug

7 Things You Need To Know About Surviving A Vacation In A Party City

By Emily Garcés
Between huge crowds, large amounts of alcohol and constant noise, going to a party city could be a shock to some. It might be a little overcrowded, but you'll always meet interesting people. You will find some wild drinks you never thought you could…

7 Places You Should Go For Spring Break If You're Single And Ready To Party

By Emily Garcés
Traveling while single is liberating. I mean, of course it's nice to share your adventures with someone, but it's also fun to do whatever you want without feeling guilty or having to check in with your significant other. No, I'm not here to bash on…

Why You Should Always Date The Person You're Afraid Will Break Your Heart

By Emily Garcés
This generation has glamorized the idea of not caring about anything, especially when it comes to relationships. We play all types of games. But why? Because, supposedly, we don't care about the other person we're messing around with. That leads us…

Gen-Y Is The Best Generation Because We've Made It Embarrassing To Not Vote

By Emily Garcés
Older generations like to bash Millennials for ruining all types of things. They claim we've ruined the normal standard of having a 9 to 5 job (screw your 9 to 5). They claim we're too entitled and are unappreciative of the lives we've been…

6 Qualities That Make Virgos The Most Attentive Lovers In The Zodiac

By Emily Garcés
When I started reading about Virgos, I kept seeing the same thing: We're picky, analytical and judge the shit out of people because we think we're so perfect. (But we kind of are, to be honest.) I feel like people think we're so dry, but in reality,…