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How To Know The Difference Between Loving Someone And Being In Love

By Emily Depasse
Picture yourself in your kindergarten classroom, sitting-cross legged upon the circular, crimson rug, painted with alphabet letters. From across the room, your eyes twinkle as your crush grabs a crayon from the box. He picks up another, debating…

There's No Such Thing As Being Undateable, He's Just Not The Right Person

By Emily Depasse
The more relationships we have, the longer the unwritten list of reasons we've been rejected. We bury these reasons in our heads. We tell our friends the absurd reasons people have dumped us. As much as we'd like to pretend that these statements…

My Ex Gave Me Herpes And Now I Can't Feel Emotions In My Relationships

By Emily Depasse
We've all been blinded by fantasy, caught somewhere between love and lust at first sight. Being heartbroken is one thing but being left heartbroken with herpes is another level. The last time I ran into him was in February. I was dancing to 2000's…

Having a Mental Breakdown Is A Privilege Not Everyone Can Afford

By Emily Depasse
I'm 23 years old and still have moments when I find myself wanting to curl up under my desk with a bottle of wine and bawl my eyes out. At night, I toss and turn, running reports of “what if” and “why not” through my head, over-analyzing what I said…

A Guy Who Gave Me Herpes Ended Our Almost-Relationship Over Snapchat

By Emily Depasse
He knew things would end before they began. After all, his relationships have a six-month expiration date. His blue eyes undressed me before words flowed from his lips, before he had a chance to brush his fingers through my hair, down the small of…

Here's What Happens When Your Boyfriend Gives You A Promise Ring You Don't Want

By Emily Depasse
I'm not a girl who has boyfriends. I have casually dated a few guys, but I find I thrive better in my independence. In my 23 years of life, I've only added two "official" ex-boyfriends to my shortlist of relationships -- one in high school, one in…