Emily Chu


Emily works full-time as a person. She enjoys working from different cultures for inspiration, staying hydrated and thinking of new life experiments. She is an alumni of Pepperdine University and Brooklyn College. She currently works at ADURO, Inc.

If Dating Was Like Investing, Would You Be An Investor Or A Stock?

By Emily Chu
Like many things in this world, relationships form complex systems that are difficult to understand and almost impossible to predict. However, there are general guidelines to complex systems that we can apply to relationships to make them easier for…

Passion Meets Purpose: 3 Ways To Continuously Fall In Love With What You Do Every Day

By Emily Chu
Falling in love with what you do isn’t an idea reserved for the idealists, the dreamers and the hopelessly auspicious. It isn’t something that happens to those who are "lucky” and it doesn’t happen on accident. Falling in love with what you do is…

The 3 Basic Steps To Figuring Out What You Really Want In Life

By Emily Chu
This one goes out to all my restless, conflicted, idealistic and inquisitive peers. For the ones who are making it, who are broke and who have a different idea entirely of what wealth means. For anyone who, at some point in their lives, has asked…

Why Gen-Y Needs To Stop Talking Sh*t About Others

By Emily Chu
Talking poorly about others -- better known to Gen-Y as sh*t talking -- is a timeless pastime, which has both plagued and united the human race since the beginning of time. On one hand, it is the bane of our existence. On the other, we find…

Why Sex Is So Great But So Unsatisfying

By Emily Chu
This goes out to all my Generation-Yers that have dabbled in the sexual realm long enough to realize that, even though sex has gotten progressively more enjoyable, it's still strangely...unsatisfying, sometimes. You might identify with one or more…