Emily Christoforou (Rorich)


Emily has a journalism degree from the University of Technology, Sydney. She enjoys interviewing people, is interested in women's issues, has a passion for food, loves crime television, and believes that without God she is broken. (Instagram: @em.christo)

3 Inspiring Instagram Accounts That Celebrate Womanhood Everyday

By Emily Christoforou (Rorich)
International Women's Day is almost upon us (March 8, for those who don't know). The day is typically a chance to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, and to fast-track gender equality. This year, the Women's…

5 Life Lessons 'Pretty Little Liars' Has Taught Us Throughout The Series

By Emily Christoforou (Rorich)
For seven years now, "Pretty Little Liars" has intrigued us with countless anonymous messages, massive secrets and lies, an abnormally attractive cast, the cutest-ever couple names and the grand ol' question, “Who is A?” As the show nears its end…

3 Career Benefits You Can Only Get From Working With Other Interns

By Emily Christoforou (Rorich)
Internships have become vital forms of work experience for people trying to get their foot in the door of competitive industries. I recently finished a three-month internship with a successful media publication. When asked for program feedback on my…

The One Piece Of Clothing You Should Never Critique Is A Woman's Wedding Dress

By Emily Christoforou (Rorich)
There's a new bridal trend in town: the dip-dyed wedding dress trend. This new look is an edgy and fun way for brides to add some color to the traditional all-white dress, whether it's just a single color or several different colors fading into each…

4 Reasons You Should Stay Home And Eat In Tonight

By Emily Christoforou (Rorich)
The other day I was with a friend and we developed a sweet tooth. She suggested going to a café; I suggested we make something. The look she gave me in response basically said “that's-the-worst-idea-you've-ever-had.” See, this friend of mine is…

The Real Heroes In 'Stranger Things' Are The Characters You Can Relate To

By Emily Christoforou (Rorich)
The first season of "Stranger Things" is up on Netflix (I know, I know, I'm a bit late to the party), and it's made up of several wonderful characters. There's the exceptional Chief Hopper, the teenagers who set out to fight a monster and the young…

These Are The Surprising Ways Planning A Wedding Makes You A Better Person

By Emily Christoforou (Rorich)
Planning a wedding is like going on a stressful, tiring, overwhelming, time-consuming and extremely expensive journey. You spend copious amounts of time researching local vendors and venues that are classy and affordable. You argue with your partner…

4 Reasons Young Couples Are Moving Into Granny Flats

By Emily Christoforou (Rorich)
According to Google, the term “granny flat” is an informal British phrase that refers to the part of a house that is made into self-contained accommodation suitable for an elderly relative. According to me, the term “granny flat” is an informal…

One Zumba Class Can Give You More Confidence Than Years At The Gym

By Emily Christoforou (Rorich)
This story starts with Zumba. For those who don't know, Zumba is basically moving to fast music for the sake of fitness. It's a great source of cardio for people who love a good dance party. But it's a little bit more awkward for those who lean on…