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Living the dream in Burlington, VT working as a digital marketer in the fashion industry. Give me wine, puzzles, and pretty shoes, and I'll love you forever.

I'm Jaded, But That Doesn't Mean I'm Ready To Quit Dating

By Emily Blauvelt
I've always been incredibly fascinated by love. It's why I relate to Taylor Swift so incredibly, and why when I started my blog, I knew "love" had to be a category. Maybe it's because I'm a Libra and ruled by Venus. I don't know. Or maybe it's…

These Are The Only 7 Things You Should Do After A Breakup

By Emily Blauvelt
There are a lot of things that interest me about Millennials. One of the things that really fascinates me is our common lack of understanding about who we are and what we want. Maybe it's just being in your 20s, but literally everything is so…

Why Having Alone Time After A Breakup Is The Only Way To Get Over Your Ex

By Emily Blauvelt
I know I can't be the only woman out there who says she's completely lost herself in a relationship. My first serious relationship was a roller coaster of emotions I had never experienced, and I was downright terrified of it. I didn't know how to…

10 Things You'll Hate About Falling In Love If You're A Jaded Girl

By Emily Blauvelt
This movie contains Heath Ledger’s Australian accent, Julia Stiles as the spunky, feminist Kat Stratford and an adorably young Joseph Gordon-Levitt -- all in a tumultuous a high school setting. If I haven’t caught your attention already, then I’ve…

She Finally Got It Right: What T. Swift Can Teach Us About Finding Love

By Emily Blauvelt
Our favorite cowgirl boot-clad country singer turned pop star released her "1989 World Tour: Live" on Apple Music last month, and for all of us Swifties, it was the greatest thing that has ever happened. I was lucky enough to witness her all-around…