Elyssa Carr


Elyssa is a rare breed being one of the few graduate students to have a life outside of school. Moving from a Happy Valley to the Big Apple, Elyssa is a twentysomething attempting to navigate life and the dating world after college.

How Trusting Your Instincts Today Will Get You Where You Want Tomorrow

By Elyssa Carr
We sit almost every day, pondering each little decision we have to make -- hoping, praying it will get us to that bigger goal. We let our questions and small steps define our daily lives, haunting us in our dreams. We see what we want somewhere in…

What We Can Learn From Unplugging And Opening Up To Strangers

By Elyssa Carr
I sat across from the same stranger for more than five hours in Starbucks; we smiled occasionally, conversed briefly and laughed at the strange encounters we both observe. But yet, at the end of my five hours I stood up, threw him a smile and left.…

The Beauty Of Understanding That Not All Relationships Are Meant To Last Forever

By Elyssa Carr
When people come into your life, it is hard to dissociate from the shared moments and move on. Oftentimes, we find ourselves forced to leave people whom our lives once revolved around behind. You will always carry memories of the sights, the sounds…

Why You Should Treat Your Breakup The Way You Treat A Hangover

By Elyssa Carr
You wake up in the morning, struggling to open your eyes, head throbbing, body aching, feeling like you got run over by a truck. What happened last night? You ask yourself, trying to remember all of the moments from the night before. Then suddenly,…

Why We All Need Some Version Of A Security Blanket To Fall Back On

By Elyssa Carr
I had an adorable purple blanket when I was growing up; I would carry it with me wherever I went, sleep with it every night and hold it tight anytime I was scared. That little blanket provided me with a sense of security — no matter what happened,…

New City, New You: What You Learn From Living In A Different Environment

By Elyssa Carr
I’ve traveled a lot in my life and have lived in many different places. All of my different locations — with unique cultures that offer different foods, people and customs — have taught me more about who I am and who I aspire to become. Looking…

Why Women Need To Change The Conversation And Stop Obsessing Over Their Weight

By Elyssa Carr
Living in a sorority house for most of my college life has desensitized me to the unending conversations centered upon weight loss and poor body image. Over time, we became admirers of girls who only eat an apple in a day, allowing them to show off…

Remember The Good With The Bad: Why Your Relationship Wasn't As Perfect As You Remember It Was

By Elyssa Carr
When we look back on relationships, we go through a couple of stages. The first involves hating or resenting everything about the past relationship in question; dwelling on the reasons it didn’t work out, kicking ourselves for time wasted and…

Why Generation-Y Avoids Decision-Making Like The Plague And Why It's Okay

By Elyssa Carr
Sitting in my New York City apartment, I should be engulfed in, and excited about, the world around me. After all, it is the city that never sleeps. Yet, somehow I find myself questioning my life. It’s terrifying. For my entire life, the next step…