Elona Voytovych

Elona is a Ukrainian-New Yorker and you should probably try to get on her level. Making both modeling and journalism her bitch, Elona still finds time to integrate passion into her daily life by doing the things she loves. Her creativity and elegant lifestyle keep the envious alert and strangers intimidated. While it's no secret that men can't look past her natural seduction, don't let Elona's appearance fool you - its all of the practice in front of the camera.

Recent Articles

How The Habits Of Generation-Y Are Ruining The EDM Culture In The US

"Work hard, play hard" is one of the most common mottos of Generation-Y. The increasingly popular EDM (Electric Dance Music) scene has fans saying, "Keep partying like it's your job.” So, of course, by a generation who lives life to the extreme, we f…
By Elona Voytovych

Stream YouTube Videos Onto Your Phone Through Musi

Three high school boys besides doing homework and regularly attending school, have become one of the youngest entrepreneurs of America. The creators of a free music application Musi designed an incredible mobile source to stream music using Youtube. …
By Elona Voytovych

Coachella Trendsetting Tips For Dummies

At winter's end, the wind blew in Hot Music Festival season. It’s been officially kicked-off with the long anticipated Ultra festival in Miami. It gathered ravers from over 135 nations to rage and have a good time. Hot girls had an opportunity to fi…
By Elona Voytovych

Key To Successful Friendships

I think it’s funny how people journey to become grown individuals and at the same time learn how to hang on to their past friendships and people. Some succeed, some don’t. People become different—grow up, strive for success, personal life-goals, and …
By Elona Voytovych