Ella Cajayon


The little girl who read Vogue in school is all grown up. This storyteller plans two outfits a day and knows the titles of Instagram filters by heart. Ella, short for Daniella, is a freelance writer who rants for a living in New York City.

All Memes Aside, This Is The One Thing Miss Universe 2015 Got Right

By Ella Cajayon
As if we haven’t already, let’s take a moment to reflect on the Miss Universe 2015 pageant. This may be the most unforgettable year for the annual pageant yet. It's one that's filled with entertainment, controversy, an excuse to drink on a Sunday…

3 Things To Remember When Watching The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

By Ella Cajayon
As materialistic as it may be, growing up, I always dreamed of making something of myself as beautiful as the bronzed glamour, glitz, and beauty that are embodied by the Victoria's Secret Angels. It's mortifying to admit, but I still remember being…

5 Reasons Why Being Single May Be The Ultimate Romance Of Our Lives

By Ella Cajayon
You log into Facebook, and another "just got married," "just got engaged" or "in a relationship" status appears on your news feed. Now, don't get me wrong; finding love is rare. It's special, and despite the countless corny movies that would say…

What Society Can Learn From Caitlyn Jenner's ESPYs Speech

By Ella Cajayon
I love someone very dearly. I love him to death. I always have, and I always will. But, whether he accepts this or not, he has bigoted opinions about LBGT issues and people. I will admit I understand why he is the way he is. He was raised in a…

Why Your Biggest Downfall As A Single Person Is Your Own Mentality

By Ella Cajayon
The single mistake we make as singles is having the mentality that being single means always having to be happy with where we are in life. It’s easy to think that being single means being happy on your own. And, on one hand, that is exactly what it…

11 Signs You've Fallen Into The Grips Of A Toxic Relationship

By Ella Cajayon
This is the list I never thought I could write. But, it’s also the list I told myself to never forget and, more importantly, to never let happen again. The thing is relationships take two people; therefore, I will take ownership and assume partial…