Elissa Furlong


Elissa is a WNY native and graduate of Bard College at Simon's Rock. She is working as an English Teacher in Colombia and enjoys naming the US Presidents in order from memory.

Why I'd Rather Have A Dozen Bad Dates Than 1 'Just OK' Date

By Elissa Furlong
If you're reading this as a fellow 20-something, I'm going to go ahead and assume you've had a conversation about dates or dating with your friends once or twice. And in the words of Justin Bieber, by “once or twice” I mean, “Maybe a couple of…

Time Drags On: 3 Things More Difficult Than Saying Goodbye In Your LDR

By Elissa Furlong
If there’s any consensus surrounding the act of saying goodbye, it's that it's not usually an easy thing to do. I’ve never been particularly good at it, but then again, who is? We all suffer through goodbyes, after all. Parting ways with someone or…

Yes Money Does Buy Happiness, But Only A Certain Kind

By Elissa Furlong
The legendary Coco Chanel once said:  The best things in life are free. The second best things are very, very expensive. Although at first glance it seems like a light hearted quote (and was probably intended to be), there’s actually a grain of…

What Father's Day Means To Me Now That My Mom Is Gone

By Elissa Furlong
With Father’s Day coming up, it’s safe to guess people all over the country are thinking about the types of relationships they have or had with their fathers. Whether your father is a hero in your life, someone you feel no closer to than the…

5 Ways Bad Dates And Bad Job Interviews Are Exactly Alike

By Elissa Furlong
Society expects a lot out of us when we’re in our 20s. We’re expected to continue or start living on our own, get and maintain a good job and start planning for a family (the last item is not necessarily applicable in all cases, but it's a pressure…

3 Ways To Move On If You're Not Getting What You Want From Someone

By Elissa Furlong
There are certain situations in life in which we have all likely found ourselves at one point or another. Consequently, there are a few universal emotions we have come to understand, like the sadness that comes with loss, the happiness that comes…

It's Never Easy: 5 Things I Learned About Loss 5 Years Later

By Elissa Furlong
I find it interesting that we don't have to train our minds to remember certain days like they were yesterday. Good or bad, there are days easily recollected without any prior, conscious effort. We don't have to try to remember certain things as…

The Plight Of A Woman: Why It's Both Great And Awful To Be Considered The Beautiful Sex

By Elissa Furlong
It’s difficult to think of any woman who wouldn’t appreciate being called beautiful. From an early age, girls are socially conditioned, arguably above all other things, to focus on achieving and maintaining an appearance that others consider…

College Seniors: Why You Shouldn't Stress About What's Going To Happen Next Year

By Elissa Furlong
There are few things that compare to the range of emotions you feel when your college career is coming to an end. Whether you feel that you are painfully or pleasantly aware of the fact that you’re about to enter the “real world,” which is a whole…