Dylan Noel


Dylan is a 22 year old business student at Johnson & Wales University who is passionate about all types of artistic expression. She is originally from NJ but is currently living in Denver, CO.

Understanding That Men Also Benefit From Feminism Is Incredibly Important

By Dylan Noel
For any counter-culture movement to stay relevant in society, many aspects of change still need to occur. Once a movement has made enough impact in society, there wouldn't be any need for the protesting, education and idea sharing that the movement…

Mind Games: Why Love Doesn't Always Happen The Way You Think It Will

By Dylan Noel
Love is confusing, and it is consuming. No love is ever the same as another. Many of us, including myself, realize there are many different degrees of love, and though each degree is very different, each is wonderful and messy all the same. One…

How The Hook-Up Culture Made Showing Love A Sign Of Weakness

By Dylan Noel
I recently read somewhere, "The one who cares less never gets what he/she wants." This short quote resonated alarmingly close to home for me. This statement is blunt and true, and in this twisted and confusing time of dating, I think we can all…

Why What You Do Is Worthless Unless You Do It With Passion

By Dylan Noel
Do it with passion or don't do it at all This is one saying by which I live my life, without exception. In my eyes, a life that lacks passion is hardly a life at all. Living, day in and day out, without something to light fire under your soul is…

How Meeting New People Allows You To 'Re-Meet' Yourself

By Dylan Noel
Throughout childhood and into adulthood, friends and acquaintances surround you. Whether they start out as family friends, or you meet in your grade school classes, relationships build continuously. It seems to me that for most people, these…

We Need To Realize That Happiness Lies Within Ourselves, Not Material Possessions

By Dylan Noel
In today’s world, we are constantly looking for the newest version of products, the next best thing, the better upgrade. This starts at a young age, when we throw tantrums in order to get the newest toy, and sometimes continues into our adult…