Dr. Jonathan Horowitz


Originally from New Jersey, Jonathan Horowitz earned his Ph.D. in clinical psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. He runs a psychology practice in San Francisco, where he specializes in helping people cope with stress, stay focused, and achieve more meaningful work and relationships. He also blogs at www.sfstress.com/blog.

It's Inevitable: 7 Ways For Entrepreneurs To Handle Rejection

By Dr. Jonathan Horowitz
If you're an entrepreneur, then you've been here before: You come across a great idea; you believe in it; it feels right. You get behind it and push with all your might, trying to get it off the ground. You, finally, get it in front of someone…

What A Sales Job Taught Me About Anxiety And Extroversion

By Dr. Jonathan Horowitz
“Hi! This is Jonathan calling. Can I talk to you about a service that can save you time?” *click* So went the 73rd cold call of my day, as indicated by my on-screen call log. I was 22 years old, two weeks out of college and slogging through another…

5 Ways Stress Can Ruin Your Relationship And How To Prevent It

By Dr. Jonathan Horowitz
Do you ever get the feeling that you’re stressing out your partner? This is not unusual. If you are in an exclusive relationship and you are struggling with stress, it’s likely that your partner is struggling alongside you. Stress affects the way…

Why You Should Stop Trying To Fake Confidence

By Dr. Jonathan Horowitz
“I guess I just want to feel more confident.” I hear this a lot from my patients. I usually ask, “More confident to do what?” It could be anything: Confident to start dating again. Confident to push back against an abusive boss. Confident to get…

Super Successful…But Still Stressed: No Matter How Successful You Are In Life, You Need To Find A Balance

By Dr. Jonathan Horowitz
One perk of being a psychologist is the access. Not access to celebrities, or access to money (Definitely not!). I mean access to the real stuff: people’s hopes, fears, opinions and stories. As a psychologist in San Francisco and Silicon Valley,…