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Dinuki Suraweera, Sri Lankan-American, 29, Los Angeles, CA Copywriter/Blogger/Jesus Freak/Wonderlust Addict Email: dinuki.suraweera85@gmail.com Instagram: dinooks Facebook.com/dinukisuraweera Twitter: @DinukiSuraweera

The Sweeter The Juice: Why Chasing Your Dreams Is Worth The Struggle

By Dinuki Suraweera
We all know the feeling of watching others live out the lives of their dreams. Their lives seem like annoyingly upbeat, pre-Bieber Selena Gomez songs, and we crave that same excitement, uncertainty and promise. You tell yourself if you were in their…

10 Struggles Girls Who Are Awful At Flirting Know To Be True

By Dinuki Suraweera
One of my favorite things to do at parties or social gatherings is to observe other girls flirt with guys. And, before your creeper alert system kicks into gear, hear me out: It’s like watching peacocks on Animal Planet (yes, I’m aware that peacocks…

The Big 3-0: Clinging To The Past Is Holding You Back From Growing Up

By Dinuki Suraweera
I turn 30 in exactly one week. The big, freakin' 3-0. I am rather confident I've made peace with this big transition from being a sort-of-adult into a full-blown one. That is, until I got on the treadmill this morning and it asked me to enter my…

The 5 People You Need In Your Life To Broaden Your Personal Horizons

By Dinuki Suraweera
Growing up, we heard it from so many authority figures, it probably began to sound like a broken record: "You are the company you keep." But, in hindsight, they had a point. If you choose to only surround yourself with people of the same…

Age Is Just A Number: Don't Let Turning 30 Scare Away Your Dreams

By Dinuki Suraweera
A year ago, I moved back in with my parents so I could afford to go back to school for a degree in a field that is completely different from the one I earned my first diploma in. Oh, and by the way, I’m almost 30 years old. Did I mention I traveled…

Why Being Single In My 20s Was The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Me

By Dinuki Suraweera
If you are a 20-something with 10 different dating apps on your phone and a string of broken relationships packed in a bag on your way to the next one, listen up: I was single for 80 percent of my 20s and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I had…