Diana Abroskina


Born in the USSR, raised in Russia, educated and matured in the U.S.A. Currently residing in Moscow. A globe trotter, a curious explorer, a free spirit, an old-school book worm, a persistent yogi, clean eater, obsessed baker, and just a food lover, all in one.

Why People Who 'Love' Being Single Are Actually Just Afraid To Open Up

By Diana Abroskina
There are two types of single people in this world. The first type are those who have just ended their relationships. They are either still overcoming emotional shock, or they are already looking for prospective dates. The second type are the ones…

Passport To Friendship: 8 Ways International BFFs Enrich Your Life

By Diana Abroskina
The older we become, the harder it gets to make friends. This is what I’ve learned in my late 20s. When high school and college times are far behind you, the dozens of friends you used to have slowly vanish from your life. It's not because you…

20 Lessons That Will Save You During Moments Of Uncertainty In Your 20s

By Diana Abroskina
Our 20s are the toughest and the most rewarding years of our lives. These are the years we make dozens of mistakes, and we even make some of the same ones several times and have no time to look back and analyze them. The speed of life is at its max,…

10 Reasons Why This Generation Needs To Unplug And Embrace Solitude

By Diana Abroskina
In 2013, the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California predicted that by 2015, the amount of information asked for and delivered to consumers on mobile devices will reach over 15 hours a day to digest, to see and to…

10 Reasons Why Eating Clean In Your 20s Is Essential For Your Health

By Diana Abroskina
From your Instagram feed to the latest issues of top lifestyle magazines, the most trending buzzword is “clean eating.” Among health-conscious consumers, it’s not a new eating trend, but it has hooked a newbie like me who wants to upgrade her health…

10 Comfortable American Habits I Had To Quit Upon Moving To Russia

By Diana Abroskina
Whether it’s from one street to a block close-by, or from your hometown to another part of a country, any move is both hectic and exciting. To me, moving has always been a rewarding transition that is about bringing unique changes into life. To get…