Desiree Johnson


"Hello-It's Me". Well, me being Desiree Johnson, just a little Texan woman living in the big world of Chicago. I am currently pursuing my master's in Creative Writing and looking to figure out this crazy, beautiful, mid-twenties life and keep my sanity in tact. I love pop culture, boxing, and seek to learn as much from the world as I do to educate myself within it. In the meantime, "Give me the beach boys, and free my soul, I want to get lost in some..." J.Cole and drift away-preferably to Paris,Italy, or Spain when my bank account allows it.

How To Build A Relationship With A Guy Who's Unsure About His Future

By Desiree Johnson
When you get into a serious relationship, more often than not, there are going to be many relationship milestone conversations you have over the course of your time together. You ease from the casual conversation you had in the beginning of your…