Deirdre McAndrew


Deirdre currently attends University of Delaware where she majors in English-Professional Writing and minors in Journalism. She is passionate about social media, blogging, lifestyle, fashion, volunteer work, summertime on Long Beach Island and becoming a combination of Lauren Conrad and Carrie Bradshaw. She writes for UDress Magazine Online while away at college and spends her time at home interning in NYC and spending time with family and friends. You can find more of her work at and

8 Reasons Why Big Families Shape You Into The Best Version Of Yourself

By Deirdre McAndrew
I've always been a family-oriented girl. I grew up with cousins who were some of my best friends as kids and still are today. My aunts are like my second moms, and my uncles are second dads. Some people are skeptical of this lifestyle, while others…

BFFAEAE: 10 Qualities That Make Someone Your Best Friend For Life

By Deirdre McAndrew
I once read a poem when I was a little girl about a forever friend, and it stuck with me. I always wondered at playdates, birthday parties and sleepovers, whether I was among the “forever friends.” It took me until recently to realize what it is…

6 Aspects Of Life In Which Family Is Our Biggest And Best Critic

By Deirdre McAndrew
Nobody wants a critic in life, but sooner or later, we realize we need one... or a whole group of them. It is human nature to take criticism as completely negative; although, it exists as way to be informed of things we must improve. If we have a…

5 Life Lessons My Uncle With Down Syndrome Taught Me

By Deirdre McAndrew
I was lucky enough to be born into a loud, huge, crazy, Irish family. We have just about every high school stereotype among us: the athlete, the artist, the brain, the beauty, the thespian and the comedian. Different from the divided lunch tables of…

Happiness Is In Your Hands: 4 Ways To Discover Your Path To Finding It

By Deirdre McAndrew
Often, we allow for our happiness to depend on someone outside of ourselves: a significant other, a family member, a best friend. While these people can very well make us happy, this cannot be the sole form of goodness in our lives. We must find…

8 Characteristics That Set A Jersey Girl Apart From The Rest

By Deirdre McAndrew
We come from America’s best kept secret, also sadly known as “The Armpit of America.” Ironically enough, no matter where you are, you have a city, beach, skiing mountains, hiking trails and farms all within an hour of proximity. It is so beautiful,…

5 Reasons Why Mothers Are Still (And Always Will Be) Superwomen

By Deirdre McAndrew
Do you remember when you were in kindergarten and your mom seemed like your personal superwoman? You felt like the cool kid in class when she came in with cupcakes on your birthday. You cried when she left for the night to go on a date with dad or…